15. Oooh, trippy !

Lands of Dream

I came in for the trip, I stayed for the marxism and the discussion about aesthetics. Let’s chat with Verena and Jonas Kyrazates about their Lands of Dream. French version here. What are the Lands of Dream exactly ? You seem to be quite inspired by Dunsany, and your worlds (...)

Tom & Bruce vs crowdfunding

On their Kickstarter page, Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk, who have been freelancing in the gaming press for the better part of twenty years, ask us to back them with 10,000 bucks. In echange, they promise to deliver ten brand new episodes of their famous Tom vs. Bruce feature, (...)

« Dating Sim With a Sanity Meter » (english)

Here’s the original interview with the always cheerful Mrs Gallant, the queen of funny dating sims AAR. For the french translation and a brief presentation, this way please. Read Angie Gallant’s brilliant Let’s Play ! Tokimeki Memorial Girl is right there, Hatoful Boyfriend the (...)

07. BD & JV

Dead Space

Alien vs. Illustrator (English)

An interview with British writer Antony Johnston, who worked on the Dead Space series.

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